Tuesday, 29 September 2009

remember raving?

I came across this dress a while ago and remembered how i loved to sew clothes at uni. I used to make crazy flared trousers with fur trim or, on occasion, lampshade trim!!! And i loved to make crazy little raving dresses... i found a couple of those too...hilarious pink faux fur skirts and sparkly corset tops.

This one i used to wear with snow-white fluffy yeti-boots (i had included a picture then remembered how i hate pictures of myself on the internet so deleted it!) The dress looks terrible on my dress form "Sam" because she is a lot wider up top and pulls it a bit out of proportion!This one is more like the actual shape. How i loved it. Haha! Good times!!


LittleMissPoog said...

i remember this dress. i have pictures of this dress. in fact i have incriminating evidence of you in this dress. it was my 21st birthday party - enough said! just make the hush-money out in twenties and leave it in a brown paper bag behind the flowerpot... otherwise the birthday photos might just resurrect themselves!!!! mwaahaaaaaa!!!

lyds said...

Rock & Roll jackets, teensie weensie mini dresses, I'm shocked! Bye the way Sue, if you have a photo of that dress on Spoon then burn it at once!!!