Wednesday, 30 September 2009

rockin revamp

This one is more of a make-over than making of a jacket. I bought this terrible pin-stripe blazer for £5 as i recall and set to work making it a little more personalised, and a little more ME!
I tore up a black rock t-shirt and sewed black borders around the lapels. A black PVC patch was sewn on to the shoulder and i added some silver studs for some sparkle!

I am very fond of this little vintage brooch which i got at a rock fair, like a million years ago!! Can you read it? It is Adam and the Ants and says "whip in my valise [oh!]" haha it's fabulous!And then of course the main event being the back panel from a (gigantic) Guns N Roses tshirt, then another band of PVC and some more sparkly studs for good measure!

On the other shoulder I sewed a little black cord and put a line of safety pins along the seam....yeah i said a line of safety pins... hey i'm a crafter, you think i can wear safety pins without finding uses for them??? Well you're wrong...i can't help it!! lol


LittleMissPoog said...

i love this jacket. it looks very punk in the pics but amazingly when you wear it it looks really casual and actually a little feminine(????)i know it just looks so dangerous in the pics like the wearer is sure to fly kick you in the head but on you it looks alternative and edgy. must be the way you dress it up/down?! oh and the badge is to DIE for!!!!!

lyds said...

Sue's right about dying for that jacket! I'd rather die than wear it! Where are your homey ideas gone? Have you slipped into the punk scene or what!

eleonora said...

anche questa non scherza con i Guns'n Roses!!ma come ci rieci!!??
comunque ti faccio i miei migliori complimenti!!!XDXDXDXD