Wednesday, 16 September 2009

swim at the speed of light?

Ok, while these photos may look like they were taking deep in the groovy 70s, they were actually taken last're gonna have to trust me on that...people do still decorate with funky paint effects in some remote places in in point - central Milan.

SuperD took the photos in a dark room and i ended up warmifying the colours a little bit too much trying to get clear pics.....ANYWAY, this is a feature lamp that SuperD made. He used thick sturdy wire to make an outline "sculpture" which was mounted on a light fixing and then had it covered with fabric to act as a shade. The curled flex acts to give the idea of motion and swirling seas. I hasten to add that he had a professional upholsterer cover the lamp for him, but i think that the principle still stands that it would be a cool craft to try at home sometime.
Not quite so pretty from this view...but it gives you an idea of the construction.


lyds said...

Wow, don't let Suze see that or she'll put in an order right away! Cool or what! Well done D.
I thought it looked too narrow at first to be safe, as the bulb must be nearly touching the cloth! So thanks for the reverse view, there was no problem at all! xox

Gil said...

That's fab!! Really lifelike... you know what I mean. Good shaping that is. I have a memory of seeing this before, when I went to Milan for the weekend. Didn't remember the wallpaper ( somehow :P )

Fantastic idea Super D!