Saturday, 19 September 2009

ooh!! at the office 2

So this is mark 2 of the ooh!! at the office series. Check out number 1 here. I still don't trust myself that i'm not going to make a mistake, so i'm picking the ugliest colours first so i get the nice ones right!!

This one is also about getting rid of the long sleeves for something a bit lighter. I removed the sleeves, split them down the seam and cut out 2 sections 3"x15". These were hemmed along one long edge with a double seam (ie, fold in 0.25" and then again, then sew seam so the rough edge is rolled inside). Then two lines of stitches are sewed along the other long edge, very close together - leave the loose threads at beginning and end. Then pull the loose ends of the threads and gather the edge up to measure about 10", then secure these with knots, as shown below (i also went over the edge with a serger to stop it unravelling (stitches in pink):
Then it is just a matter of sewing them onto the shirt and finishing the edges of the arm hole with a neat rolled seam. That's it!Again, I had to take this one in a little at the edges as it was super-blousey and not really my style!!
It probably would've benefited with a moment of ironing...buuut thats not something i usually make time for!
This is it all dressed up...ignore that fact that she's not wearing any skirt...i probably will when i'm wearing it for real!!
This is SuperD's choice of tie...i'm not wholly convinced.
This one matches more, but he reckons that it is too severe...i think he doesn't appreciate the strong feelings that i have for my collection of vintage ties!
Love how it pokes out the bottom of the waistcoat..hehe!
So which do you think??? "Neither, they both suck" is also an option!!

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lyds said...

I really like the brown tie, anyone who knows you can't think of you as severe!!
I love the sleeves - it actually helps to puncture any ideas of severity that might arise!!
Fun fun fun! xox and well done!