Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Blackberry Bliss!

This is a bit of a different "craft", becuase usually i keep food and wine posts for my family and garden blog, but this one is just simply too good to miss out on!! And since a very kind person has posted an online tutorial it won't be very difficult for me to explain what you need to do! This is my new hobby which has kept me occupied since the summer (hence the slow rate of houseofspoon blog posting!!!)

Brewing your own is a lot of fun and surprisingly simple (when you keep it organic and shun the added chemicals, as we do!!) See the original tutorial for "Mighty Fine Blackberry Wine".

I tasted it last week and it was heavenly!!! And so easy, you can drink within the year!!!What a colour!! The best thing is, you can use almost any fruit!! Next time you're in the supermarket and there is something on it...FERMENTING IS THE FUTURE!! (lol, that may be overstating it..but only a little) i just have to think of a way of combining brewing and sewing...then i'd be really excited!


eleonora said...

EH??????e questo che sarebbe??vino,grappa colorata???

lyds said...

Cheers! in anticipation! Hope to taste it at the decanting! M xox