Thursday, 29 October 2009

last cake standing!

I've always wanted a cake stand, there's something so kitchy-gentile about it...and when it's full of little decorated buns...gorgeous, in a really housewifely-satisfying kindof way. Only problem was....i could never find one!! Or at least the ones that i found were either "modern-style" and just not the sort of kitchy-patterned type that would make my heart happy...OR they were £100,000,000...000...000, you see where i'm going here.
I pleaded with SuperD to save the day...he sent me out to a car-boot sale to buy some grannyish china (i got a full tea-set for £5!! SCORE!! Car-boot sales are my new guilty pleasure! lol), while he went to B&Q to pick up the technical stuff (giant steel screw rod and huge nuts and bolts that terrified the life out of me when i saw them...i was thinking: "D this has going to hold up a saucer of iced cupcakes not the Millau bridge!!!"...but, how right he was!!!
When he got started drilling the china i swiftly left the room, not being a fan of loud grating, scraping, screechy noises (you can imagine i'm sure). He even filled them with water to try and dull the didn't...shudder. The agreed order was to be sugar bowl - saucer - side plate - serving plate, buuuut the saucers all succumbed to the pressure and cracked down the centre one after another, leaving us with two side plates in the centre, it throws off the triangular shape a little, buuut there is now room for more buns so i got over it pretty quickly!!
I was very sceptical about the big screw rod, but he painted it gold and cut all the nuts in half so that they wouldn't look quite so industrial...and now i can't think how else he could have done it!! (Note to self: time to start trusting in SuperD's crazy schemes).
I can't wait to fill the bowl with colourful sweets!!! KITCH-TASTIC!!!!


Gil said...

I have no idea how he DRILLED a hole that size through such flimsy acient china.. it's truly incredible but I bet it sounded horrific.
Anyway! The result is divine! absolutely perfect for tea parties and crumpets with the queen!
love it!

eleonora said...

And wath are these?