Thursday, 22 October 2009

carboy cosies!

(the title is a bit of a cheat because we call them "demi-johns" in the UK, but carboys just fitted the alliteration!!)

Haha..well i managed to mix brewing and sewing! You see, the yeast in the demi-js needs to be kept warm and mine are stored in a pretty chilly utility i made them little fleecey cosies!!
You probably can't read my labels in this tiny picture, but we've got Plum Perfection, Blackberry Bliss, Amazing Apple and Gorgeous Grape wines bubbling away inside those little cosies.
The pattern was simply 24"x12" with a layer of quilt batting on the inside, that will fit a 5 litre demi-j or a 1 gallon carboy for those across the ocean.

"Hey blackberry bliss! Get your cosy on!! I know this is your second feature online, but that's no way to gain lasting respect!! Have i taught you nothing?!"
oooh! now they're all at it!!!...but don't they look tasty!!!! mmmmMMmm!


lyds said...

These are really cute cosies! The jars are more colourful in the nude but I understand the cosy is essential in a cool place!! Wheeker idea! Soup doup! M xox

Gil said...

hehe - I can't top that last comment - but just adding that I agree, they look so snug I wish I could fit in one just to try ...

...I would ball myself up and say "blooop" occasionally ... you could call me ginger ale or something!?