Thursday, 15 October 2009

ooh!! at the office 4

Time for number 4! (See number 1, number 2 and number 3) This time i went for the good old PUFF! I'm still going through the ugly colours of shirts because i don't trust myself!!

This is the pattern i used for the puffed sleeves..can you read the measurements? The template is 10" by 8" and the left hand side is placed on a fold. I didn't have the full size in one piece of material as i was just using the straight 3/4 length sleeves that i cut off the original shirt, but just neatly piece it together, you won't notice it in the final design. Seam the outer edge and attach to the shirt in the normal way, then sew a legth of elastic 0.75" from the seamed edge. I secured the elastic at each end, to ensure that they stay put!
Here she is from behind in all her puffy glory!

She was taken in at the sides as well, removing a bit of the blousy-ness!
And here she is all dressed up!! Can't wait to wear her!
Note: if making this version, it's worth checking the elasticity of your elastic to make sure you aren't making the arms so tight that you're going to stop your blood supply... and remember...puffy is pretty!!!


Gil said...

That definitely warrants an 'Ooh!'
Very swish hun - and so pretty for a normal masculine shirt to be transformed into!


eleonora said...

bellissima camicetta!!!!mi piace davvero tanto!!!!!sei bravissima!!!

lyds said...

Magic, your wand has worked perfectly! Sooo pretty! M xox