Wednesday, 28 October 2009

slip into something more comfy!

Well after 6 months of constant wear about the house and even around the garden(!!) my rainbow slippers that i made from this cool tutorial, were getting a little scruffy (there's even a hole in the upholstery weight suede sole!!...actually - i just checked - make that 3 holes!) so it was time for a new pair!! I had big plans for a christmas themed pair, but in the meantime decided to go for another colourful version. This material is some designer i think...i remember choking at the counter when i realised the price (and i was only buying half a metre!), so i wanted to use it for something that i use every day to get my money's worth!!

The only changes i made to the pattern were to lengthen the two sides of the top piece, giving more space at the heel (i had to add an extra piece last time, although i don't understand why because i think the pattern is supposed to be for a UK5, EUR38, US7 ??) ; and i used regular weight quilt wadding/batting this time, which was a lot easier to work with! I still used oven glove wadding/batting for the sole though, because it is more dense and more spongy!

I used an upholstery weight corduroy for the sole as i thought it might be more hard-wearing certainly is more slippy, so i'll have to be careful on the tiles!!I love this quick and easy and has a real impact!! Every time i catch sight of them i get a little thrill of cuteness!!


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