Wednesday, 21 October 2009

casa dolce BIRD casa!

Super D didn't have a lot of super-jobs one day (you know, the usual rescuing endangered wenches and halting runaway trains) was a quiet afternoon and he decided to make me a cute pressie!!!Sweeeeeet! A little birdhouse! I adore it! I am totally not putting it's going to hang from a wall hook somewhere in houseofspoon (too bad birdies!!!)

He even put some faux bedding material in there so i can pretend that there is a wee chubby chirpy chick snoozing away inside!!


eleonora said...

WOWW!!!!!!!bellissimo!!davvero i miei compliemto D!!!!!!!ci mancate tanto!!!!

lyds said...

Soo cute and VERY well made! Dario, you're a marvel, where do you get your ideas from!
Make more, make more, it's time to start collecting a stock - you've just got to put them on the market.

Gil said...

really lovely superD! If you are going to keep it in the master bedroom beware of small guests liking it enough to stay though!

Looks fab though, oh! here's an idea for christmas: a cuckoo clock!
You're halfway there - you just need a wee wooden bird to sit in the hole..

love love