Friday, 30 October 2009

stationery scullduggery!

Ok it was getting a bit ridiculous that it is halloween and i am spending all my time making christmas crafts for an upcoming craft workshop and fair that i've been asked to halloween crafts were getting a look in! The reason being that i am not hosting the halloween party this year and therefore have not needed to engage in producing decorations or themed food! So, in desperation i sought out some halloween material and ran up a little Christmas pressie pencilcase for one of my divinely gorgeous italian nephews, Daniele. (There are 5 of them so i have to start early, and they are really into skully things! )

He asked me for one of these the last time we were over in Torino and i promised to make one for our Christmas visit. My favourite parts are the PVC "tag/handle-things"(i LOVE PVC) and the shocking blood-red lining! Does this count as a halloween craft?? Does it?? C'mon...skulls,.. blood red...i'm really trying here!!


Gil said...

very emo / goth - the boys will love it! And yes I grant it's Halloweeny, but maybe not as much as Plumpy the Pumpky! :P

lyds said...

I think it is DEFINITELY Halloweeny - looks like Dracula's coffin when closed and even more so when opened!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!