Monday, 2 March 2009

Under the vines...

desperately needed something to break up the huge CREEEEAM wall that spans my open plan ground floor, running along my dining section and into the sun room...

...ivy ought to do it!!!

Although...what this picture does not show is the fact that i went into a foliage-frenzy right after this in my dining section and accessorised with a vine-style wine rack mounted to the wall and twisted an ivy garland around my chandelier over the table.

Poog thinks it make the room look smaller, but to me it makes it "nookier", more cosy, you you gather in the "garden-corner" to eat.....i think it helps to give each part of the bigger open-plan room its own little identity, like it can stand alone.........ok, i'm stopping now, if i go on any further they'll give me my own talkshow on US tv, and noooobody wants that.

1 comment:

lyds said...

I do, I do! Chat all you want, it makes great reading. By the way your ivy is brill, it doesn't even need watering! (unlike Gilpil's plants for which I am now responsible for the next 5 mths.)
You are the busiest bee I know!!
Love Mummer. xox