Friday, 27 March 2009

welcome to the better weather!

Ok i've decided that it is about time that Spring came to the island so i got SuperD to design and make a little welcome sign to encourage the arrival of the better weather...and other visitors of course!!!
I love the effort he put into sawing out the little veins on the leaves!! all we need is the sunshine....and visiting family to enjoy it with...hint hint!!


sloan said...

LOVE this! Can I commission one??

(no seriously)

junespoon said...

of course!!! draw up the plan of what you want on it and what shape etc and i will pass on to superD!

you could have little maple leaves!!! ooooor "welcome" in sri lankan (or whatever language they use!!!!)
he'd be delighted!

lyds said...

Me too! Me too!
D you're super! My mind just boggles at how you do these things! xox

Gil said...

Ha! 'hint hint' is a joke I've been hinting for aaages about needing a hat and tissue holder etc - ok I'll do it Amanda's way since she had better luck:

Can I have a hat, please?

:P ps - this sign is gorgeous, the leaves are sooo intricate! And I'll be visiting THIS WEEKEND!! wooo