Monday, 30 March 2009

apron addict?

well after never having worn aprons in the good old days of the motherland, SuperD requested another one after my fabulous superhero one was such a seems he didn't know what he was missing!!!
(...or it could just be that the other one is now so unbelieveably filthy as every saucy spill or splash is instantly wiped with the apron (!!)'s time i put the kitchen towels within arm's reach)
He even designed this apron himself!! (As in..he told me that he wanted a big cartoon SuperD face on it to let everyone know whose it is...hmm...maybe he is afraid of apron thieves?!)
Well the hilarious chef hat was my idea (obviously) and when I ran in with it on saturday morning where SuperD was doing his daily exercises (bench pressing the guest bed, on this seriously!) he burst out laughing and nearly rookied himself as he was supposed to be stretching!!
hehe it was totally worth it!!


lyds said...

This totally rocks! (Definitely, you must open an apron shop) I've never laughed so much at anything- maybe because it is so realistic!!

Gil said...

hhaahahahaha - brilliant!!

what does the phrase mean?

junespoon said...

"il Re della cucina"

"the king of the kitchen"!!

it also could mean "the king of cooking"

or "the king of cuisine"

pick your favourite!