Tuesday, 10 March 2009

neat napkins!

Call me uncivilised but I had never really used napkins when eating (at home) unless i was having a dinner party and they matched my tableware.....
....enter SuperD with his rich juicy sauces and creamy, sticky risottos and napkins were promoted to every day usage!!! But with no nice napkin holder (and HATING all the ugly ones in the shops) i sketched a rough outline of the "dream-napkin-holder" and SuperD got to making sawdust!!!
Here are the measurements we used, this fits the (large size) ikea napkins:
SuperD hand-sawed the little windows and hand-carved the little hearts (cute!!). The wood was pretty poor quality (being a sort of chipboard sandwich) so hammering nails in caused a few splitting problems. SuperD recommended a staple gun to join, as shown below, and a little bit of wood glue for good measure!
Then paint it up and admire!
I LOVE the little hearts (you may have realised by now that i'm partial to chubby heart shapes). The rod across the middle acts to weigh down the napkins so you can set it outside and they don't all blow away in the wind....however with the wind strength being what it is in my part of the world...it would take me weighing them down to prevent them floating off...and even then, maybe not (she says "wishful-thinking-ly")
But it also can be used as a carrying handle! (excuse my weirdly deformed hand in this pic...its a difficult shot to take without "go-go-gadget arm!!!"


lyds said...

Thet is the cutest napkin holder I've ever seen! I love the running photo commentary - it sort of brings one along with its creation stage by stage! Good one SuperD!
PS now that all my chickies have left the nest, I can go back to using tablecloths on the kitchen table! (the last wee chick was most insistant that I wait until her departure before I brought out the non wipeable substance!
PPs super blog Spoon!

lyds said...

Oh no! a spelling error in the first word and I don't even know how to fix it! My rubber doesn't work and neither does backspace! How can I get back to fixing my original comment?

Christy said...

Your finished product is awesome!Well done!

Gil said...

hehe! And just right! tablecloths are such a bad idea - put a huge white piece of cloth right under the spilliest part of the day!
I spill enough on things far away from the table!