Thursday, 12 March 2009

graffiti...a form of "ink-spression"

hands up who loves the 80s!.........yup me too!
Well this is a retro craft in more ways than one. I did it a while ago and it is quite retro-tastic looking! It was fun to do such a scruffy, "just go for it" type craft, rather than counting stitches, securing threads and ironing hems flat.
I just used permanent markers and the graphics have stayed put very well. I filled in the white space by writing my favourite bible verse on the top, and drawing a stick man doing "stayin alive" a la Saturday Night Fever.

Graphics on the pockets helped to hide the dirt that a white bag inevitably accumulates!!

I also did the same to a pair of white sneakers which turned out really well (but i never wear them because the back of the heel is really stiff and digs into my ankles...OUCH!!!)


sloan said...

The Stayin Alive disco guy is the best!!!

lyds said...

I love the 80s too- it's when I had my 3 chickies! "Best years of my entire life." But I can't read the square writing, well only "poo" in the middle - maybe it's meant to be "spoon" but I can't tell! Sorry! The undies are pretty but "on the outside of your handbag!!!!!!" Oh please, did your Mum not teach you anything?

Gil said...

Mummy I love you! :D