Monday, 9 March 2009

put on your easter bonnet!

I wanted to get busy with crochet-zilla again and so decided to crochet myself (and poog's self) up some springtime.

And what's more springy than an easter bonnet i'd like to know???!!!

The idea for daffodils came from this crochet blog but i sortof made up the pattern as i went along. I am keen to take suggestions for other springtime stuff that i could crochet and sew to bonnets...i'm really loving this, plus with crochet-zilla it takes only 30mins per hat!!!


lyds said...

Springtime, Easter, fabulous hat, bring it on creative Woon! The finished article looks great. Well done! Mxoxo

Gil said...

hey spoon! Wow, that's a lovely hat you made for Sue ... hmm ... thirty minutes you say? if you need my address just let me know ... hmm... all this snow y'know my ears are pretty chilly on a day to day basis...
well anyway ... um ... ahem ... yes you know the way Sue liked a dandelion? Well if - I mean really IF it was me I would just love to see a white daisy with a yellow centre on maybe a light blue bonnet...that is if it was me...

anyway... toodles