Tuesday, 3 March 2009

at the copa...copa-cabana!!

Can you guess what i made on my recent trip to italia? (Note: possession of a travelling craft is very important to my sanity)

Welcome Copa and Cabana.

Patterns here: little pig and little elephant

The names originated from lil'pil's crazed love of italian cured meat, as when i presented her with the little porcine travelling companion for her long and tortuous trip to Deutschland, she considered naming him "Hamm" or "Copa" (the aforementioned italian cured meat)...we settled for "Copa".

...and then "Cabana" was an obvious choice for his little friend....but no calling him cabana-boy....he doesn't like it!!!

They are such little posers!!


lyds said...

Both cute, both cuddley! once again well done! (What a trunk!)
love mumxox

Gil said...
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Gil said...

...sniff sniff...*gil's head appears* ... sniff ... sniffsniff ... COPA!!!!!

I love him as much as the meat itself! (And for anyone who has never witnessed me enjoying a chuck of copa - that's ALOT)

They rock Woon, and I can't wait to log all his wonderful adventures as he travels Europe!