Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

Well I just thought i would post the pic of my Mother's Day table just to remind mamma mia that she's loved and appreciated!

SuperD made spezzatino con polenta while i organised the table decor.

Went for a walk afterwards, and i wish i'd brought my camera because it was breathtaking: standing on the headland (cliff-top) at the very edge of ireland, looking out to sea on 3 sides (land on 4th side) and there wasn't a breath of wind, i just wanted to dive down into the water, although we were REALLY high up so i'm pretty glad i didn't try it!

Anyway, thanks for everything mama...you're my wee hero!!!



lyds said...

Your decor really was lovely in every detail! Wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful, wish you were here - Oh wait a minute; I was there! Ha Ha!
Thanks for all the hard work you two!
Mamma xox.

Gil said...

hehehe - check out mum and her quotes!! Looks fab as ever Woon - I can just imagine all that effort for food at the Faccinis :P

Christy said...

wow, very impressive table settings! Your mother must have been so thrilled!