Tuesday, 3 March 2009

sleeping beauty...and the beast?

Well i commissioned this masterpiece from my favourite artist and gave very specific instructions as to how it should look....in my opinion, she outdid herself. The pale greens in the background fit in with my "secret garden style" bedroom and the roses mirror the rose garlands that i've wound round the wire bedstead. (it's so whimsical it makes me laugh sometimes!)

I love the fairytale quality, the fact that you know she is dreaming about walking through a quiet forest and discovering a secluded leafy glade bathed with sunshine directly in the centre.

SuperD did his framing magic to give it a proper setting, and now it hangs above our bed where another sleeping beauty often lies snoozing in the sunshine....i obviously don't mean me here, because if there's daylight - i'm working!!
(sigh....but then if SuperD is sleeping beauty,...what does that make me???!!!)

1 comment:

lyds said...

I was about to complain at your inference at Super D being the beast but it didn't happened, so sorry for prejudging you!! (Have I learned nothing at all?)
Picture - perfect!
love mummer xox